AEW All Out Media Call Recap – Tony Khan Talks CM Punk, Surprises Coming, More


During a conference call earlier today, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the potential for AEW Trios Titles, AEW being close to a “full roster”, and more. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

– Tony Khan notes he’s very excited about All Out and it’ll be the biggest pay-per-view event AEW has ever done. He reminds everywhere the PPV is available for purchase on multiple streaming services, as well as live in movie theaters throughout the United States.

– When asked about putting together the All Out card, Khan says that they have so many great stars that he can book a lot of big matches. He says there will be a great card for AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, but All Out is the best PPV card they’ve ever presented. He notes a lot of it was planned way ahead and it was a long time in the making. He admitted there were some challenges with this card, but it’s a long process. He says this past week has been a 24-hour job due to his AEW and non-AEW duties. He says CM Punk and Darby Allin was basically a year and a half in the making. Khan also discusses Allin’s rise as a top star in AEW, all while Punk was contemplating his return to the business. He also puts over Christian Cage vs. Kenny Omega and a lot of other matches on the card. He thinks it’ll be the most rewarding card they’ve put together.

– On capitalizing on AEW’s momentum and whether an Austin or Rock, Khan says he doesn’t want to compare current stars to past stars because it’s a different business. He also discusses the potential for AEW and WWE to make more money than other companies in the past because of all the opportunities available. Without comparing people from past eras, he thinks AEW can keep its momentum going with the weekly shows and PPVs, as well as merchandising, video games, and other revenue opportunities. He wants to keep growing Rampage the way AEW grew Dynamite and mentions the increase in revenue. He’s confident the Full Gear PPV will do better than it did last year as well. He wants to make wrestling a big part of people’s lives again and something people can look forward to again.

– Khan discusses how the deal with Universal Studios came together for AEW Dark. He mentions the differences between AEW’s “A” and “B” shows and lists talent like Red Velvet, The Acclaimed, Varsity Blonds, and more who were losing matches on AEW Dark and eventually earned contracts. He compares the upcoming AEW Dark tapings in the studio format to WCW Worldwide and how they used it to develop talent. He pays tribute to Bobby Eaton and notes he had great matches in that setting. Khan says they’re gonna do a lot of fun stuff and wants to bring back the spirit of the WCW Worldwide tapings.

– When asked about a trios title in AEW, Khan still thinks it would be great to add it, but right now, there’s a lot of stuff to get in. He thinks they’re doing less trios matches, but that it would really “kick ass” for them to eventually add those titles as the company continues to expand.

– On the topic of the current AEW taping schedule, Khan notes Elevation will continue to be taped as usual while Dark will be mostly in the studio format. He does mention Dark will occasionally be taped in arenas.

– Khan mentions that the Jericho Cruise is not an official AEW event, and it’s Chris Jericho’s deal. He says they had a time-shifting situation where TNT had conflicts, and they’ll do the Saturday Night Dynamite which conflicts with Jericho’s cruise. He says some of the people for the cruise won’t be at Dynamite necessarily, but he’s talked to Jericho, and if there are injuries and such and they need people for Dynamite, he’ll fill in the gaps where necessary. But he doesn’t want to take anyone away from the Jericho Cruise that has been advertised. He says some Dark and Elevation matches could be taped on the cruise. He also mentions how much he enjoys doing shows in Florida.

– On whether AEW is ahead of schedule in terms of their goals when they started the company, Khan says “very much so.” He notes he just wanted a contract extension for Dynamite, and they did that faster than anyone anticipated by getting an extension less than four months into their run. The company is now at an all-time high, and that he thinks fell in place much faster than expected.

– When asked about AEW going out West or internationally, Khan says he’s planning to expand internationally with the hope of making Craven Cottage the UK home of AEW. He also expects AEW to go out West with the goal of returning to Las Vegas and doing other shows in that part of the country.

– On whether he thinks AEW has a “full” roster, Khan says he doesn’t think there’s any such thing as a full roster. He wants AEW to continue to grow and evolve. He brings up 2point0 and Daniel Garcia as examples of people fitting a need that AEW had. He says not every signing has to be CM Punk, some signings can help fit certain parts of the puzzle.

– Khan discusses his relationship between other “Forbidden Door” companies, he says they’re all different. He thinks they’re all good relationships but unique. He says it’s been great exposure for those companies and that he’s done a lot of favors in the past few years. He thinks it’s good karma for AEW.

– On his relationship with CM Punk on a creative level, Khan says they’re having a great time and that Punk has a great mind and a lot of interesting ideas. He notes he has a great relationship in discussing creative with a lot of talent in AEW. He compares it to Sting and that it’s all about pacing and says Sting is very comfortable now doing more physical stuff. With Punk, it’s been cool collaborating with him and that he’s a good person to discuss ideas with. Khan also mentions he doesn’t understand some of the things Punk was asked to do before he left wrestling. He notes no one in AEW has creative control, but he doesn’t want to put people in bad situations that don’t make sense for them or the fans. He also brings up his relationship with Jon Moxley and that he thinks he’s a genius while also hyping up his upcoming book.

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