AEW All Out Results: Miro vs. Eddie Kingston


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW All Out PPV event:

TNT Championship Match:  Miro (champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston was chopping him early then hit a suplex to send Miro to the floor. Miro tossed him into the barricade and hit a series of kicks. Kingston fired back with a big boot. Miro caught him off the apron with a powerslam. Back in the ring, Miro hit him with a series of knee drops. Kingston with a flurry of shots then tossed him to the floor. He went for an outside dive, but got punched. Miro went for his submission finisher and Kingston got to the ropes. Eddie with a back hand chop then the DDT for a near fall. Miro landed a supe kick for the win.  

Winner: Miro (champion)

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