AEW Concerned COVID-19 May Disrupt Their Touring Schedule


According to a new report from Cassidy Haynes and, staff within AEW are concerned that COVID-19 may once again disrupt their touring schedule.

AEW is set to visit Chicago and New York for a series of shows in September. These events will include All Out on September 5th and their Dynamite: Grand Slam in New York. According to the report, it is these shows in particular that AEW staff are most concerned about.

The main reason for the concern within the company is reportedly the rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19. And as a result of this rise, various states and cities across the United States have been re-introducing various anti-COVID-19 measurements. This has been the case in both New York and Chicago. In New York, municipal workers are now required to either be vaccinated or COVID tested twice a year. Whilst in Chicago, it is looking increasingly likely the mask mandate will be re-introduced. Other cities on AEW’s touring schedule such as St Louis also look set to be affected, after masks being worn indoors was once again made mandatory on Monday.

The report states that as of right now, AEW is pushing forward with their plans as intended. However they are, “paying close and constant attention”.

With AEW reportedly paying attention to the situation as it unravels, they are also looking to have safety measures to fall back on if their current plans are unachievable. These plans are, “including a potential prolonged return to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville”.

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