AEW Double Or Nothing Results: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW Double or Nothing PPV event:

Stadium Stampede: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle

The Inner Circle was repelled down from the top of the big screen to the grass inside of the stadium. MJF arrived in a limo. They started brawling to start it off.  Jericho and MJF went into a room where MJF tossed hot coffee into the face of Jericho. Jericho yelled into a megaphone then hit him in the head with cookie sheets.

Jericho smashed MJF with a table up against the wall. Jericho and MJF went into a room where the Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer was at and they handed Jericho footballs and a laptop.  Wardlow and Hager brawled where the food was stored. Wardlow beat him down with plastic containers. Wardlow speared Hager through a wall. Sammy and Spears brawled where the chairs were stored. Sammy did some parkour. Spears hit Sammy in the face with a ladder. FTR, Santana, and Ortiz were at a nightclub where Konnan was the DJ.

This was a straight up fight. Jericho hit MJF with a cardboard cut out of Shahid Khan. Jericho stapled a thank you note to the forehead of MJF then ripped it off. MJF hit a piledriver to Jericho on a conference table for a near fall. Jericho hit MJF in the head with a baseball bat. The Inner Circle motorcycle club chased after Spears. Jericho and MJF brawled into Daily’s Place. Sammy chased down Spears with a golf cart then hit him with it. Spears hit Sammy with a chair. Sammy hit a 630 senton to Spears for the win. 

Winner: The Inner Circle

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