AEW Nixed Dynamite Match After Two Wrestlers Tested Positive For COVID-19


Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that AEW made changes to Wednesday’s Dynamite including a match that wasn’t advertised but planned for it. As previously noted, 2.0 were going to be on the show in a “key role” before Matt Lee’s wife gave birth to their baby, resulting in Tony Khan giving him the week off.

Per the report, AEW also decided to change or pull a match because two people in the match tested positive for COVID-19. Neither had symptoms, but once AEW found out about it, they ended their plans. Tony Khan said COVID is just a reality of sports now and sometimes people miss big shows or big games.

Khan also said that he knew the episode would get a larger-than-usual audience due to CM Punk so he wanted to showcase the biggest names he could, but realized that due to the changes, the show wasn’t going to produce the match quality he wanted (outside of Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy and Lucha Brothers vs. Varsity Blonds, which he praised).

AEW also confirmed that Gangrel was indeed intended to appear on the show somewhere, and it was cancelled due to Edge using the Brood’s entrance last weekend in WWE. AEW also noted that Gangrel was paid anyway as if he had been on the show.

Finally, there were issues with concessions at the arena, as the building was understaffed and the credit card machines kept going down. This resulted in long lines and since it was cashless, people were told they wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

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