AEW Superstars Discuss The ‘Forbidden Door’, Possible NJPW Opponents


During a panel at the New York Comic-Con on Saturday, AEW Superstars Darby Allin, Adam Cole, Thunder Rosa, and Orange Cassidy commented on NJPW opponents they would like to face with the “Forbidden Door” being open, and more.

Darby Allin said,

“I want you to give me Zack Sabre Jr. You know where I am, Zack. You know where I am.”

Adam Cole added, “I’ve never had the chance to have a singles match with this person; I would love the idea of Adam Cole vs. [Kazuchika] Okada.”

Orange Cassidy said he’d “pass” on answering the question. Thunder Rosa mentioned Io Shirai as someone she’d like to face. She said,

“She’s from Japan, but she’s in the other company. It’s not Asuka. My original trainer in Japan; Io Shirai.”

Adam Cole said,

“When it comes to thinking stuff is going to peak, AEW has continued to shatter those expectations every single time. I don’t know what the peak is yet, but I’m really damn excited for it.”

Thunder Rosa added,

“I was an example of the forbidden door for the women’s division. I came over as a champion for the NWA and then got signed by AEW. That tells you, the sky is the limit. It’s an embarrassment of riches as performers. You’ve been in IMPACT, AEW, this other company. I had the chance to work during the pandemic and during this time. There are no limits and I don’t know where the peak is.”

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