AEW’s Event Tickets Are Selling Faster Than WWE


AEW will resume its live event touring on July 7th while WWE will do so on July 16th. 

Both companies will run TV and pay-per-view events while WWE will also run house shows. 

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW tickets are selling better than WWE in some cities.

“…They’re behind AEW in ticket sales as far as per show thing. They had a very good first week. Houston for [July] 16th with Edge on his first night back came out very strong. The Fort Worth pay-per-view is almost sold out so they’re gonna have 10,000 people in there so that’s good. Dallas, I thought was weak but now I don’t think it’s weak anymore compared to anything else. The only good one is there’s a Raw in Chicago at the Allstate Arena that’s probably around 6,000-6,300 sold which would be well below what I would expect but I would certainly not call it bad this far in advance. It’s okay. Most of the rest of the stuff is not okay…There’s a lot under 2,000 [tickets sold], a lot of shows.”

“When it comes to the head to head with AEW, they’re both running the Dallas market and WWE is definitely ahead, big in that one but they are also in the American Airlines Center and AEW is in this building in Garland so they should be way ahead and they are.”

Meltzer added, “Miami, AEW is ahead and Charlotte, AEW is ahead. Charlotte is a big surprise because in those Carolina markets, WWE is [typically] way ahead in interest in those Carolina markets and all the traditional wrestling markets. AEW is stronger in what I would call not traditional wrestling markets….they both put tickets on sale for Charlotte. AEW is in the B building and WWE is in the big building and AEW is ahead in ticket sales. In Miami, neither side is doing good but WWE’s ticket sales are not good at all. AEW’s are okay [in Miami]. That’s the barometer on if you’re really hot or cold and [WWE is] cold.”

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