Andrew Yang Asks WWE Talent To Come Forward After Speaking With Department Of Labor


Politician Andrew Yang has been vocal about WWE misidentifying their talent as independent contractors instead of employees as they control the schedule of their wrestlers.

Yang took to Twitter today to note that he spoke with the Department of Labor and asked talent to contact a union side attorney about the subject matter. 

“Had a call with the Department of Labor. If you are a current or former WWE performer who feels you were misclassified as an independent contractor contact @lkmiddleb and let’s get you what Vince owes you. Been a long time coming but this storyline is real.”

A fan replied with, “If fall into this group, please note that about 2 years ago Andrew said the same thing. He said if Biden won, he would become Labor Secretary and fix this. Then after he didn’t become Labor Secretary, he decided to run for the Mayor of NYC and then pulled out of that race.”

Yang replied to the fan, saying,

“2 years ago the Department of Labor was managed by someone who was very close to Vince. Times change.”

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