Angelina Love Comments On Signing With WWE & Being Sent To Developmental, More


During a recent episode of the “Inside the Ropes” podcast, Angelina Love commented on being signed by WWE and being sent to developmental, her time in TNA, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being signed by WWE and going to developmental: “Well, obviously getting hired by WWE was like, everything, I’m sure like, anybody who ever dreamed of like growing up and working for WWE would say, like, getting hired. But you know, plus, I was Tommy Dreamer’s first hire, I adore Tommy. So like, that was a big deal. And I just remember thinking that I was like, set for life. And that’s such a joke, like nobody, like a small percentage is actually set for life when they’re in WWE, but, um, so that was awesome, because that was something that I always wanted to accomplish. Like, I got hired by WWE, I had a contract.”

On her time in TNA: “And then you know, like TNA was obviously, like Beautiful People was obviously like, our best time, our favorite time because it was just, it was like the second coming of the Attitude Era, like what we were doing in TNA, you know what I mean? So, like, we weren’t being PG at all, obviously. But it was just like, we were open, and we were having fun. And you know, there was a ton of us that were in TNA that weren’t able to succeed the way we wanted to in WWE or not even given the chance. And we were just rocking and rolling in TNA.

“And it was the perfect time, that’s why so many things were so successful, and a lot of us were able to become like household names without having that WWE machine behind us, which is a huge accomplishment, you know, like kind of being outside of that, but then still making yourself known, like AJ before he got to WWE or regulation styles,” she continued. “So you know, and then just, you know, me starting with are kind of coming back to Ring of Honor in 2019. Because that was the first like major promotion I worked for. I did a few shows for them in 2004 right before I got asked to go in and do my WWE tryouts, which I got hired out of so it’s like 15 years later, you know, and a lot of stuff accomplished in between and like I’m back at Ring of Honor, and it’s super fun. It feels very homey. I love the roster, we have an easy schedule. Yeah, it’s awesome.”

On being part of ROH’s women’s division: “Um, well, it’s, it’s awesome, because like Ring of Honor is different from like your TNA. WWE know, to me, like the fan base is different, they’ve always just had a different style, which I think is great, because you can’t have the same everything in wrestling. So it’s good, you know, we were doing good stuff with the girls, but then like 2020 happened, right? So that kind of screwed everybody, you know, but we didn’t have like a huge roster. So I feel like the way that we’ve been going about it by you know, just the way that we’ve kind of had to block off our taping so far with restrictions and all that kind of stuff.

“The only way to build the division, because so many people are already signed to the only way to build a division is just bring in people for tryouts, you know, and just see how they go. Um, and that’s essentially what we did and how we got like this women’s tournament going, which is what you know, is airing right now,” she added. “So I was asked, like, you know, “do you feel like we’re going about this the right way?” And I said, “Absolutely, I feel like this is the only way to be honest. We can’t just like hire people without seeing them first or you know, seeing them in the ring or seeing how they are just professionally and etiquette and stuff like that”. So I feel like we’ve gone about that the right way. And so far, so good, I’d say”

On who she’d like to see in the division: “Well, there’s that there’s a lot of girls that were on the knockouts roster that I think would have some kind of place, you know, like Jackie, Miss Jackie, you know, she was such an entity in herself, you know, and then Kong, like, I’m always gonna say Kong, cuz I just, you know, love her. Even though she gave me like, the hardest matches of my life, I just really do. Um, it would be really, really cool. If in Ring of Honor, we could kind of have like that, when the knockouts division first started type of vibe, where it’s like, everybody has a different look, everybody has a different style, you know, someone’s doing the really edgy sexy stuff, we got the Lucha we got, you know, the this and that, like, whatever, you know, we got a gothy vampire girl, like, who knows, but that gives everybody who likes something, something to like, right? It’s not just like, 14 blondes, and it’s like, pick your favorite one. You know, like, that doesn’t work anymore. So, um, that would be cool.”

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