Anthony Bowens Comments On Working Singles Matches During Max Caster’s Suspension


During a recent appearance on the “My Mom’s Basement” podcast, The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens commented on working as a singles competitor after Max Caster was suspended from AEW due to some controversial rap lyrics that aired during an episode of AEW Dark. He said,

“I was a singles wrestler on the Independents for eight years pre-AEW and pre-The Acclaimed. I was in a tag (team) maybe the first two years with AC Gamble, The Untouchables, we did a tag team thing for a little bit and I didn’t particularly understand tag team wrestling back then, I kind of just did it. When I got to AEW and got paired with Caster, all of sudden we’re in the best tag division in the world, I had to re-learn everything and fast. It was a challenge and a bit stressful as much as it was fun. I’ve had a recent singles run and it was fun. It was good to show everyone…in a tag, something you get limited because you’re sharing time with someone else and there is four people instead of two. I got to show AEW that I can go as a singles guy with some of the top people. Honestly, as long as I’m on the show, I don’t mind either one.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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