Anthony Ogogo Took A Pay Cut To Work In AEW


Anthony Ogogo mentioned in an interview with Wrestling Inc that he is operating on a lower salary to compete in AEW.

“I’m not even on a tier. I took a pay cut to do this,” Ogogo said. “That’s how much I wanted to do this. I took a massive pay cut to do this. I’m on a developmental contract. I might be their first developmental wrestler. As it happened, I just developed a hell of a lot quicker than anyone thought I’d develop. The development is over on Sunday when I pin Cody to the mat, 1-2-3. Actually, I’m not going to pin him. I’m going to spark him out. I’m going to knock his block off. When he’s rendered unconscious, that’s when my development ends.”

Ogogo made his AEW pay-per-view debut this past Sunday when he faced Cody Rhodes.

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