Ari Sterling Replaced Ariya Daivari On NXT TV Due To Daivari’s Release


A new report from Fightful has shed some light on the effect the WWE NXT releases can have on certain TV spots. According to the report, the recently released Ari Sterling (Alex Zayne) was only featured on NXT TV due to the release of Ariya Daivari.

Daivari was initially scheduled to face Cameron Grimes on a June episode of NXT, with Daivari set to work as a heel. However, following Daivari’s release from the company, Sterling was placed in the role instead as a last-minute replacement. This went against the initial plan of an “established heel” facing off against Grimes. Instead, Sterling, who was working for the company as a babyface on 205 Live, had to wrestle as a heel for one night only.

Sterling would also find himself released from the company just two months after the match, as he was part of the 13 WWE Superstars released from NXT in August of this year.

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