Backstage News On Bryan Danielson’s Contract With AEW – How Long Is It For?


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Bryan Danielson’s AEW contract is a multi-year deal that will see him working in the company for the next three years.

If this report is accurate, Danielson will be under contract until late 2024, which would mean he’ll be 44 years old. As previously reported here on eWn, Danielson was in negotiations with WWE and they were going to let him work matches in NJPW. Despite this, he opted to sign with AEW instead. He would later say that the decision for him to leave WWE was a tough one.

It should be noted that Danielson is a “big fan” of Vince McMahon as a person and the door is open for him to return once his contract with AEW expires.

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