Backstage News On Cena, Goldberg, & Lesnar Possibly Appearing At WrestleMania 37


While WWE usually has some surprises in store for WrestleMania, not much is known this year.

According to a report from Fightful, John Cena appearing at WrestleMania 37 would have been planned well ahead of time due to his current filming schedule. With that being said, several Superstars claim they’d be “surprised” if Cena wasn’t involved at WrestleMania in some capacity.

As far as Brock Lesnar is concerned, he had not been planned for the event as of February. During that time, there were discussions about putting Daniel Bryan in the Universal title match with Roman Reigns and Edge.

With Goldberg, his name was “briefly discussed” for a WrestleMania match earlier this year but he wasn’t figured into creative plans as of February. It should be noted that he does have another match on his contract for later this year.

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