Backstage News On The Ticket Sales For WrestleMania 37


In an update on the ticket sales for WrestleMania 37, there are still a very limited about of tickets remaining. Last week, 25,000 tickets went on sale for each night and as of this morning, there were only 1,203 tickets left for April 10 and 864 for April 11. With that being said, the show is expected to be a sellout.

It should be noted that there are no confirmed numbers of how many actual tickets have been sold but there have been rumors that WWE released an amount much lower than the 25,000 per night they are advertising. This would allow them to release more later on if they needed to.

Scalpers are currently selling tickets for $68 on Saturday and $61 on Sunday. The belief is that second-market tickets are not a guaranteed moneymaker, despite there being a limited number of them available.

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