Backstage Reaction To Andrade Requesting WWE Release


As we reported earlier today here on eWn, WWE Superstar Andrade has reportedly requested his release from the company. On his Twitter handle, he has removed the “WWE” acronym. In a report from Fightful, WWE has been anticipating this for awhile now. Thankfully, there was no outburst or confrontation from Andrade in terms of his release request, as everything is seemingly being handled in a respectful manner.

While his release request may not be granted immediately, it was all but inevitable from the moment Paul Heyman was removed from his role as executive director of Monday Night RAW. Once Heyman was out at that position, that meant the end of any push for Andrade. He was not figured into any draft plans this past October and has not appeared on WWE television regularly, which meant it was a sign that WWE and Vince McMahon were moving on from him.

Additionally, Mike Johnson reported that Andrade appeared to be absolutely miserable and unhappy at this past week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, which is when he requested his release.

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