Backstory Revealed For Mysterious Figure In NXT Named “Tian Sha”


After months of speculation and vignettes, the mystery woman who has been responsible for the resurgence and rebirth (of sorts) for NXT’s Xia Li and Boa has finally been revealed. The figure goes by the name of “Tian Sha”, a name that had been trademarked by WWE back in December 2020.

As you will see below, the vignette explains how Sha comes from an ancient Chinese dynasty. Basically, the king had a son and a daughter, as the son was corrupted by greed. Through this, he killed the king and began to rule with an iron fist. Seeing this, the daughter went into hiding, then discovered a dragon that mentored her and gave her strength to bring back honor to the kingdom that was once lost.

However, there was a price to pay, that price being her very soul. She underwent a series of changes by passing four tests to purge her fear and ascend to the throne. She would go on to defeat and dethrone her own flesh and blood, bringing honor back to her family. Y’all still following along?! However, she would become despised by all and ruled everyone with the very fear that her brother once ruled by. At the end of the tale, it’s revealed the “daughter” goes by the name of Tian Sha. A name that is meant to be feared by all for many generations to come.

As the three, including Li and Boa, appeared at the throne, Sha is said to be thousands of years old.

The mysterious figure is said to be portrayed by Karen Q, who had previously teamed with Li back in 2019. She has been recovering from a broken leg she suffered back in 2019 and began training for a comeback this past September 2020.

You can check out the vignettes below:

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