Becky Lynch Dismisses Speculation She Turned Heel


Becky Lynch made it clear in a recent interview that she doesn’t consider her character as a heel. 

Lynch made her return at last month’s Summerslam to replace Sasha Banks in a match against Bianca Belair. She won the SmackDown Women’s Title in seconds, which received criticism from fans. 

Lynch denied she is a heel in an interview with the New York Daily News. Instead, she thinks she simply outsmarted her opponent.

“I’ve just come back and now I feel like suddenly there’s this conversation that I’m not doing things the right way, but I don’t know what anybody expects me to do.”

She questioned whether she was supposed to toy with Belair or give her more of an opportunity to win. Lynch stated that since she had been on hiatus, she thought she should blindside Belair as it would give her an edge and Belair would be caught off guard. 

“And now suddenly I’m the bad guy because I came back even better than ever? I don’t really understand this talk about me being a heel. I haven’t changed. I just got smarter.”

It should be noted that it has been reported Lynch is the top heel in the women’s division on SmackDown and she requested to change up her character.

Lynch will defend the SmackDown Women’s Title against Belair at Extreme Rules. 

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