Bianca Belair Gives High Praise To Naomi & Others Who Came Before Her


During a recent interview with 104.5 The Zone’s JMart and Ramon, Bianca Belair gave some high praise to Naomi and others who came before her. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how Naomi helped her in the WWE: “I would say for me, I have to shoutout Naomi. She’s been in the business for over ten years and she did something for me before I even got into NXT, and she was just representation for me. I went to my very first live event in Atlanta, Georgia right before I started in WWE and I naturally just gravitated towards her. I watched her in the ring and I saw myself in her and I really saw myself being a wrestler because I saw myself in her. She was representation for me and she also embraced me. I think sometimes, as women and as a woman of color, when you come into a situation we sometimes see each other as competition and she didn’t do that. She completely embraced me, she took me under her wing, she motivated me.”

On other female wrestlers who helped: “Same thing with Nia Jax. She was one of the first ones in NXT that I came in contact with and she was like, ‘Girl, you got it. You got it You’re going to be somebody. Keep doing what you’re doing. Focus on the things that you can control, and you got it.’ She really installed confidence in me. Those are the main two upfront. I will say Bayley. She was my very first feud that I had when I got to SmackDown, and the thing about Bayley is, she not only goes to the table to eat, she pulls up a chair beside her and allows you to eat too. She elevates every single woman she comes in contact with. I will say, once I beat Bayley I got a lot of momentum coming off of that win from Bayley. The very next week I went and won the Royal Rumble match. Our locker room is full of women that empower each other. We’re always competing and we always want to be at the top, but at the same time we’re in there fighting for each other and it’s a locker room full of empowerment.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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