Big E. Auctioning Off WrestleMania 37 Ring Gear, WWE Stock Drops, Woods/G4


Big E. has announced that he will be donating his WrestleMania 37 gear to benefit Feeding Tampa Bay. The WWE Superstar told WFLA the following,

“I think for me, it was really learning about just the toll that pandemic had taken on so many families. I think I watched this TBS Sunday morning piece on food insecurity and what Feeding America has been doing to tackle that. I learned more about what Feeding Tampa Bay has been doing locally and I just believe so much in the cause,” Big E explained to WFLA. I feel like so much of the community is ingrained in me and I feel like this community has really blessed me and it’s a huge part of me… so much of my journey is tied to this city and I felt a need to do something to give back to my city as well.”

At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE’s stock was at $56.74. That is up $0.51 (0.91%) from Wednesday’s price. In after-hours trading, it has dropped $1.13 (1.99%) to $55.61.

G4 posted the following video, showing Xavier Woods playing Outriders with Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez and Adam Sessler:

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