Big E Jokes About Wanting To Change His Ring Name


Big E made a joke during this week’s edition of New Day: Feel the Power that he won the Money in the Bank briefcase as a way to make WWE change his name back to Big E Langston. 

WWE dropped his last name years ago. He stated the following (via Fightful):

“I have decided that, since I have the Money in the Bank briefcase, I have found there is a loophole and I want to use it to cash in to get my last name. Titles are important, they are, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’d like to use it (to get my last name). I’m gonna sit on it and think on it, but I found it in fine brought that it’ll allow me to get my last name back. I had my lawyer look over it and we celebrated. That is the victory, becoming whole again. Being world champion is exciting, but you know how bad I want to be Langston.”

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