Big E Reflects On WrestleMania 37 Match With Apollo Crews


Big E lost the WWE Intercontinental Title to Apollo Crews at the WWE WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view event from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Peacock. 

During an appearance on WWE After The Bell, he talked about the match. 

“For what we were given, I feel like we did our thing. I feel like we brought the intensity. It’s one of those things where you always wish it would be great to be the main event and to have 25 minutes to be able to go out there and just massacre it and put on a classic that people wouldn’t be able to stop talking about. But I feel like we did our jobs. I really feel like we did our jobs. We brought it, and I feel good about it. It’s funny, I talked to Kofi and Woods, I’ve had so many ‘Manias where I’ve had this sinking feeling afterward. I just kind of let me down. I always talk about the time we hosted WrestleMania as one of the moments that wasn’t like that, where I walked away with this really good feeling and feeling like, ‘Man, we were part of something cool.’ This Mania for me, I feel like, for many reasons, feels like that too.”

“It’s also, as much as I have no doubts that I can go out there and be cheered, per se, but one of the things you worry about with breaking away from the group is, ‘Hey, is it the group that’s over, is it just Kofi and Woods that are liked?’ To go out there on your own and the people are behind you and want to see you do your thing, I think it’s rewarding.”

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