Big E. Reveals His Favorite Moments In His Career, MITB Briefcase Plans


During a recent interview with SportsKeeda, WWE Superstar Big E. commented on being part of Dolph Ziggler’s cash-in, what he’ll do with his Money in the Bank briefcase, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being part of Dolph Ziggler’s cash-in: “I remember that being just an incredible pop and incredible moment. Kind of looking back, I almost felt like maybe I’m just always going to be the bridesmaid, never the bride. Being there for Kof, being there for Dolph. Which still like for me, are very, very cool moments.”

On being in the background for others’ moments: “Honestly one of the highlights of my career, I consider, being there in Orlando when the Hardy’s reunited. Just because it’s such a cool moment. Even though it wasn’t really about me. The fact that we were on stage and got to be there as they came out. And people still replay that. Like seeing people shoot from their perspective in the seats and seeing them pan over to their friends crying. That’s still one of the coolest moments. I have no problem at all being one of the people, kind of in the background, of someone else’s moment. It’s cool that you’re a part of that. That Dolph moment was really, really special because Dolph was super hot at the time and the cash-in… everything about it was so, so cool. So yeah, I’m grateful.”

On what he’ll do with his briefcase: “There’s so many things that make sense right now. It just feels like everything is falling into place around the same time. The Bobby thing makes so much sense with what he’s done with Kofi and Woods, but also the fact that people still enjoy that nonsensical big meaty men rant.”

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