Big E Talks Fan Reaction To Him Winning WWE Money In The Bank


Big E discussed the fan reaction to him winning the Money in the Bank contract in a recent interview on After the Bell with Corey Graves

Here is what he had to say: 

“Becoming Mr. Money in the Bank is incredible in and of itself. But I think what makes it feel even more special to me was, I think you can make an argument that that was the most stacked field of competitors in a Money in the Bank match. When I saw it, I knew we were going to make some magic. This was going to be fire, there’s no way it wasn’t going to be good. For me, in my mind when I replay it, it’s as soon as I start to slide into the ring and feel that rumble and feel people start to get [excited]. It feels like from a fan perspective, when Seth [Rollins] hits that powerbomb on Kevin [Owens] and starts to climb, I’m just listening and it feels like they really think it’s over, Seth’s got this. As soon as I start to slide in and feel people coming with me and start to climb, and as soon as I slide my arm under Seth, that’s the magic of what we do. That’s the juice, that’s the essence of what we do.

Obviously we were doing the best we could during the ThunderDome era, but a part of me afterwards, I sat back and I felt bad for someone like Drew [McIntyre] who had his biggest moments without fans. If we had had that same match in the ThunderDome, I still would’ve been very grateful, I still would’ve had some of the same emotions, but the stuff that makes you stay up all night….I only slept 90 minutes. I was sitting in my hotel room buzzing for hours upon hours. The magic of this stuff, the stuff that makes you want to keep coming back for more years and years later, is the reaction of the people. That to me is the stuff that just recounting it now is giving me goosebumps. I’m so appreciative that for some reason after all these years and years, people aren’t tired of me, they aren’t done with me, they aren’t sick of me…..everything was just so overwhelmingly positive. That’s the stuff that’s really humbling. That’s one of the coolest moments of my career.”

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