Big E Talks Plans For Cashing In His Money in the Bank Briefcase


“Mr. Money In The Bank” Big E. recently talked about the potential plans for him going forward. Now that he holds the coveted briefcase, Big E. has said how he believes there are plenty of potential storylines for him to follow depending on who holds the Universal and WWE Championships.

Speaking to Rick Uccinho of Sportskeeda, Big E. had this to say:

“There’s so many things that make sense right now, it just feels like everything is kind of falling into place around the same time. The Bobby [Lashley] thing makes so much sense with what he’s done to Kofi [Kingston] and [Xavier] Woods, but also people still enjoy that non-sensical big meaty men rant. But legit Goldberg, it’s so full circle to me, to even fathom you know beating Goldberg and cashing in to become a world champion. Because, legit from what twenty-five years ago roughly, twenty-something years ago, Goldberg was my guy to meet him at a signing. But, you know Roman is the guy, and honestly, we have a pretty storied history in a quiet way. The fact, that I’ve known him for a decade-plus, I remember when we were both playing college football. He was all-conference at Georgia Tech, and he was one of the guys that I looked at for other defensive tacklers that were doing well. So, I’ve known of him for almost twenty years, since college. And, Cena too, I’ve trained at his gym for years. So, it’s interesting that now going into SummerSlam, there are so many of these stories that are naturally open and available for me, so I’m excited, any of those options are great options for me.”

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You can check out Big E’s full interview with Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino below:

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