Bonus Clips From WWE’s “Never Forget” Documentary & Various News


WWE has released bonus footage from the documentary, “Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11” on their YouTube channel.

You can check out those clips below:

In a clip posted by ROH, it seems as though Trish Adora will be joining Shane Taylor Promotions.

Highspots Wrestling Network has added the following:

Shoot Convos w/ Chris Hero: Molly Holly

The #HSWN is excited to debut a brand new interview series, “Shoot Conversations w/ Chris Hero”, and what an incredible guest for a debut show, Molly Holly! Chris sits down with one of the genuinely nicest people in professional wrestling and digs deep into her journey in the strange world of pro wrestling. Sit back and enjoy this “Shoot Conversation”!

Diva Diaries: Daffney (free to watch)

From Daffney Unger to Lucy Furr to Employee to The Governor then back to Daffney, its either an identity crisis or a talent with an extremely wide character range. It’s been a long journey for Miss Shannon Spruill through this upside down world of pro wrestling. A journey that started on mere chance when see was casted to be David Flair’s stalker for a few weeks in WCW, she parlayed this into a career that has spanned more than a decade. As we have seen time and time again, all Daffney needs to do is get one little pinky toe in the door and she can turn it into another television run.

This edition of Diva Diaries is a very special one because Daffney is among friends and former co workers on the interview set. Daffney is free to talk about the good times in WCW, her 2nd act in her wrestling career with TNA, and now her role in Shine Wrestling. For the first time ever on video, Daffney feels comfortable enough to open up about her career ending concussions, her interactions with Eric Bischoff, and admission of a bipolar disorder.

Needless to say, emotions run high for this edition of Diva Diaries with Daffney.

Warrior Wrestling: SwitchBlade Series (August 2021)

Warrior Wrestling presents the August Installment of the Stadium Series, filmed August 21st, 2021 at Marion High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois. You can check out the card below:

“Switchblade” Jay White vs Sam Adonis

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship – Thunder Rosa vs Kylie Rae

The Get My Shot Invitational 6-Man Scramble: Brian Cage vs TJP vs. Alan “5” Angels vs KC Navarro vs Chandler Hopkins vs Dante Martin

Warrior Wrestling Championship – Trey Miguel vs Jake Something

Evile Uno vs “Top Notch” Jason Hotch

Marko Stunt vs Jacksyn Crowley

Warhorse VS Beastman

Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship – Aramis vs Mr. Iguana

Cole Radrick vs Isaias Velazquez

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