Booker T Thinks AEW Is In Danger Of Becoming WCW


Booker T spoke about AEW recently signing Sting, Christian Cage and Paul Wight during his Hall of Fame podcast. 

The WWE Hall of Famer thinks AEW is starting to get closer to WCW because of this. 

“Right now it seems like they’re pulling a revamp of WCW,” Booker T said. “As far as signing veteran talent, guys well past their better years of their careers. Guys that young guys could take either one of two ways, either these guys are here to help us or these guys are here to take our spot.

“I was one of the young guys on the [WCW] roster back then, I was coming up. I must say, a few of those guys came in, [Curt] Hennig, Bret Hart, I got a chance to work with them and they gave me some good feedback and I felt a lot of energy from a few guys that came over. But, the majority of those guys that came over from the WWF, man they were just coming to get a check, they were coming to get paid.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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