Britt Baker Calls MJF One Of The Top Stars In Wrestling Today


Britt Baker recently sat down for an interview on an episode of Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker to talk about a wide range of topics. 

During it, she spoke about her title win at Double Or Nothing as well as gave praise to MJF. 

“On the way out [of the ring] I ran into my friend, Tony Schiavone,” recalled Baker. “Which, was one of the best moments of my wrestling career when he was standing there and he just gives me a big hug. That was really cool because he has been right beside me on this rise to the top. Through thick, through then, through good and bad, so he’s one of the most important people in my life, period. [Both] inside and outside of wrestling. So, for him to be there was awesome.

“And just going through the back, our locker room is so, even people who are not nice people, even they were supportive of me in the back. I’m talking about MJF. He’s misunderstood. He and I respect each other. He’s one of the best. He’s, I think, one of the top stars in wrestling today, and he thinks I’m one of the top stars in wrestling today. We understand each other, and that’s why we work well together. We tolerate each other, [and] it works.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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