Britt Baker Wants AEW Women’s Division To Get More Time On Dynamite


Britt Baker expressed in an interview with Bleacher Report her hope that the women’s division in AEW will eventually get more time on Dynamite, AEW’s weekly television program on TNT. 

“I just want to help lead the women’s division to more TV time and the main event eventually,” she said. “We’re getting there, but this is a business, and we need to stay strong. For a long time, the women’s segments weren’t doing well, but now we are getting to a point where the fans want more women’s matches.

Shida is just a phenomenal athlete. I have a lot of respect for her, even though she premeditated and viciously broke my nose. She picked up and moved her whole world to America. I would love to share the ring with her again. She is really special to AEW because she has been a champion through the hardest period. That being said, time’s up.”

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