Bronson Reed Becomes A Free Agent, Says He Was ‘Terribly Mismanaged’ Recently


Former WWE Superstar Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock) took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that he’s now a free agent. He also noted that he was ‘terribly mismanaged’ recently. Reed said,

“Tomorrow I become a free agent. I am confident in myself and my abilities. Although being terribly mismanaged by a company recently makes me nervous about having to find a new employer in 60 days. Thanks for all the support! I’m sure I’ll be back to kicking ass in no time! People need to read properly. Notice the word ‘recently’ in my last tweet. SMH. Also I’m going to let y’all know a hell of a lot more soon because I like to be open with all my followers. Anyway the non hater, burner accounts THANK YOU, for your support. #JONAHISHERE“

For what it’s worth, Mercedes Martinez, Jake Atlas, Ari Sterling, Desmond Troy, Tyler Rust, Bobby Fish, Leon Ruff, Asher Hale, Zechariah Smith, Giant Zanjeer, Kona Reeves, and referee Stephon Smith are all now free agents.

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