Buddy Matthews Comments On Using EC3’s Team To Create His Recent Vignettes


During a recent virtual signing for the Asylum Wrestling Store, former WWE Superstar Buddy Matthews (Buddy Murphy in WWE) commented on his recent vignettes, using EC3’s team to put them together, and more. You can check out some highlights from the virtual signing below:

On putting the vignettes together: “I definitely put a lot of effort into it. I wrote it and directed it, pretty much myself. I had some help from the guys that did a lot of EC3’s stuff. They helped me put it together. I wrote it and was very hands-on with it. I had a vision and they helped me bring that vision. It’s entertainment.”

On his goal with them: “I wanted to bring a different light of entertainment even though with pro wrestling, I can’t get in a wrestling ring just now, if I can bring some sort of entertainment and get people talking and start creating a story and narrative, that’s what entertainment is about. It was exciting for me to make and it makes me excited for the future for myself, knowing I have such a support system (of fans) who enjoyed what I put out.”

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