Charlotte Flair Lashes Out At Dave Meltzer


Charlotte Flair went off on Dave Meltzer because of his comments he made on Wrestling Observer Radio where he noted that her storyline suspension was due to her taking time off to get dental work done. 

“She’s just having a complete makeover, you know. That’s just basically what’s happened so it’s one of those things. You know, they make you real subconscious about your looks when you’re a woman in wrestling and it’s just one of the negatives about it but it’s a reality of it.”

Flair responded by writing: 

“Yeah, I just listened. I thought @davemeltzerWON would have learned his lesson last time commenting about women’s bodies, but apparently I’m fair game. So I get to respond. Again. To a rumor about my body. Again. You know what? This is when I stop. Dave, Go To Hell. You have my phone number. It would take you 30 seconds to ask as opposed to giving straight crap to your listeners. Grow up. For you, of all people, to comment on a woman’s looks…Do you have any shame, decency or professionalism left at all? Find a mirror. Look hard Dave.”

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