Chelsea Green Talks Why Her Wrist Has Broken So Often


Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Chelsea Green talked about her history of breaking her wrists. 

When asked if the wrist injury suffered on SmackDown was a blessing in disguise, Green stated the following: 

“It’s so hard to say because, if I hadn’t broken my wrist, would I be fired? Maybe not. At the end of the day, literally nothing happened. I jumped off the apron, rolled back like I normally would have done, and my wrist snapped…my forearm snapped. The issue was not the move or what happened or that my bones are brittle like so many people have told me. ‘I need to take calcium,’ thanks, like I don’t know that. The issue is, I already had an implant from when I broke it live at NXT and what we didn’t know is that I’m allergic to metal implants on my bones. We did not know that until we went back in for surgery, put a larger implant in, and my bones reacted and I had swelling. Right after I was released, I had a lot of pain in my arm and I had been fully cleared and ready to go months prior to being released. My arm just kept getting worse to the point where I couldn’t lift five pounds at the gym. I went back to my surgeon and she was like, ‘Your bone is rejecting the plate and trying to swell away from the plate.’ I had emergency surgery the next day. Then, of course, my bone was healing from that when it re-broke during my 90-days.”

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