Chris Jericho Shares Other Songs AEW Tried To License


Chris Jericho appeared on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast to promote his new book, 30 Years Of Smashes, Matches & Hits: The Complete List of Jericho

During it, the former AEW World Heavyweight Champion noted that AEW tried to license AC/DC’s “Back in Black” song after the Inner Circle turned as babyfaces. 

“We actually tried to get ‘Back In Black’ for our return promo after we attacked The Pinnacle in our dressing room, and they wouldn’t even give us the time of day,” Jericho said. “There’s been other ones. We wanted Van Halen, right after Eddie died, we wanted to use ‘Running With the Devil’, they came back with ‘$500,000’. Well that’s just a polite way of saying ‘no f*cking way.’ AC/DC didn’t even come back with that. Then I see them on an Applebee’s commercial using ‘Back In Black’, so I guess they’re fans of the baby back ribs or something like that. I thought the whole concept of Back In Black fit. It’s a saying that everybody knows. It rolls off the tongue, and it fits the mindset of what we’re doing. We’re coming back more focused, serious, and darker. That’s kind of how it’s been throughout this whole return.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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