Christian Cage Shares The One Key Lesson He Learned From Vince McMahon


Christian Cage discussed a wide range of topics during an interview with Bleacher Report. 

During it, he talked about the one key lesson he learned from Vince McMahon. Here is what he had to say: 

“One time, I was doing a promo on Raw, and I had memorized words I was going to say. It was Edge and me, and Mick Foley was going to come out and interrupt it. Midway through talking and I just went blank and couldn’t remember anything. Edge was looking at me like ‘What’s wrong with you?’ I started fumbling words. They say you can’t see the faces in the crowd, but trust me when I say I saw every face in that moment. I started to panic and it wasn’t good. When Foley came out, he said something like ‘Did you forget your lines?’

“The next day, I walk in and I saw Vince. He said ‘Great stuff last night.’ I said ‘ Really? I forgot everything.’ He said ‘You’re a heel, right?. When you’re a heel, you can get away with anything. If that ever happens again, step back, take a breath and look at your partner. Ask him what you were talking about and go back to it. Act like these people don’t get to hear you talk until you’re ready.’ It was a big lesson. From that point on, I stopped trying to memorize things. You have to go out there with your own voice and some bullet points of what you want to talk about.”

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