CM Punk Discusses Potential Dream Match With Sting


As part of his storyline with Darby Allin, CM Punk had the chance to be in the ring with Sting a few different times in the lead up to AEW All Out. 

During a post-All Out media scrum, he was asked about a possible match with Sting: 

“I’ve had such– I hate saying the word ‘blessed’. I’m not a religious guy,” Punk said. “I’ve had such an amazing life, where I’ve found myself in situations where I would just kind of look around like ‘man, this is wild.’ And without ever having a bucket list, it’d be hard for me to write things down on the bucket list because I’ve done so many cool things. Yeah, that’s one of them. That’s a bucket list thing. It’s an item that I never thought I would have because your  brain doesn’t go there.

“We were never in the same company at the same time. We’re two different generation wrestlers, and you just never thought it was possible, and now, it is. And that’s kind of how I feel about the entire groundswell of AEW as a whole. You got me, and Darby, and Sting in a ring, and it’s legitimately three different generations and the knowledge of wealth he brings. It’s a bucket list item now. I think, for sure, down the line, we’re probably going to tag. That feels like there’s something there.

“There’s real, organic moments here. Him coming out and shaking my hand, we didn’t talk about that. That wasn’t a planned thing. He came out, and he did it, and before I shook his hand, I looked and was kind of like, this means something to a kid like me. And he said, ‘It means something to me too,’ and that’s wild to me. That’s the playground we have here where we could do all this stuff that you didn’t think was ever possible.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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