CM Punk Dropped Another Hint About Bryan Danielson Going To AEW


It’s been reported that Bryan Danielson has signed with AEW and will make his promotional debut at Sunday’s AEW All Out PPV. 

CM Punk was on WFAN New York this morning and was asked if Bryan Danielson appearing in AEW is a forgone conclusion.

Punk said, “Listen, 7 years I was gone, if you told me who is the one guy that could get you back to wrestling, you can just have one match with him it would be him. I don’t know if that answer’s your question or not. But the guy was in the WrestleMania main event 6 months ago so that would be a huge acquisition. I think he could do everything he wants to do. For a guy like me and him, pro wrestling is art. This is our art.”

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