CM Punk Talks Darby Allin Being His First Opponent Back, AEW Locker Room


CM Punk was interviewed on Renee Paquette’s “Oral Sessions” podcast to talk about a wide range of topics. 

Why Darby Allin was the person for him to come back to wrestle: 

“When I was 15, I skateboarded.  I was looking to try and find an identity.  I was an opinionated punk rock kid.  All the jocks made fun of me and stuff like that.  There’s a big thing about Darby that reminds me of me back then.  If I was a kid and I saw him, he would be my favorite wrestler just because he’s different.  He looks different.  He has tattoos.  He’s punk rock, so there’s something there.”

Adjusting to a new locker room:

“It’s a new locker room, but it’s not.  There’s so many familiar faces.  I’ve known Cody forever.  Sandra is making tights.  Jan’s doing makeup.  There’s familiar faces in the truck, people who’ve directed WrestleManias.  I know a lot of the people behind the scenes. A lot of familiar faces, but a lot of new ones too.  Some of them make me feel old, but man, do some of them make me feel super cool.  There’s more than one conversation I’ve had that people (in the locker room) are like, ‘I just have to say that you helped me through a bad spot.’  People have tattoos based on me (He wouldn’t say they are when he was asked).  A lot of it’s heavy, but it’s all positive, and it’s overwhelming.”

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