CM Punk Talks Where He’ll Be Next Friday While AEW’s In Chicago, Darby Allin


CM Punk has reportedly had talks with AEW about an in-ring return with it being heavily speculated that he’ll make his promotional debut at the Rampage show on August 20th in Chicago. 

During an interview on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, he was asked a few AEW related questions. 

Regarding the possibility of appearing at the United Center on the second episode of AEW Rampage next Friday, Punk checked his calendar and stated that he’s supposed to be at a screening of episode three of Heels in Chicago at an AMC theater. 

Regarding Darby Allin’s best in the world promo, he doesn’t think Allin was referring to him but rather said “that’s Bryan,” referencing Bryan Danielson.

Finally, when asked why he didn’t join AEW when first approached by Tony Khan, he stated that he heard plenty of stories of big money players starting their own promotions so he didn’t want to join something like that.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

CM Punk on his plans for August 20: “I think I might be doing a screening, this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn’t blast this out everywhere, but we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at AMC in Chicago. That’s one of the dates that has been proposed. I hope to see everybody there.”

On Darby Allin’s comment on the Best in the World in AEW: “Best in the World, that could be anybody. That’s (Daniel) Bryan, right? That’s my assumption. I hear ‘Best in the World,’ I think Bryan.”

Punk’s thoughts on Darby Allin: “I think Darby Allin is great. Everybody in the wrestling world needs to never do a dive again because you can’t do it better than Darby. If you watch Darby wrestle, he looks like he’s trying to murder somebody. It doesn’t get any better than that. Stop doing dives, everybody.”

Punk on his early talks with Tony Khan on AEW before the promotion launched in 2019: “I talked to Tony (at that time). My perspective on this, and I said this to his face, I’m a guy who has constantly heard, ‘I have a money guy. I have TV.’ I heard that once or twice a year for 15-20 years. I’ve gotten bounced checks from those gentlemen. You watched it happen, especially after ECW folded. Everybody was restarting ECW. It always seems like somebody is like, ‘We’re going to start up and compete with Vince.’ I always thought that came from a bad spot. If you want to start a wrestling company, you should focus on yourself. I more or less took a wait-and-see approach. I’m not interested in pro wrestling in that respect. We’re here, we’re talking about Heels, it could be bad luck that this role I got is set in the world of pro wrestling, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’m focused on being an actor.”

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