Conflicting Reports On Reported Changes To WWE NXT


According to a report from Bryan Alvarez, several sources said the new WWE NXT will be produced by Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

This was something he and Dave Meltzer talked about during Wrestling Observer Radio. 

Meltzer: “The story that Vince and Bruce would be executive producers I was told is not the case but then again I don’t even know who knows what right now because everything is in transition. Most of the people in NXT don’t know anything but I was told that the big picture stuff, they are taking over. The new logo [is] from what I had heard Kevin Dunn but it’s from that side. The major stuff it’s gonna be them but they’re not gonna be producing every segment of the show, I don’t think. That may be wrong.”

Alvarez: “That’s interesting because I heard from a lot of people and it’s very clear that nobody is exactly sure what’s going to happen because there were people that said that Vince was going to be hands on, whatever that means…I think that probably what’s gonna happen is, there’s gonna be a lot of rumors until the day it happens and once it happens, everybody is gonna find out what exactly what it all means.”

Meltzer confirmed that Triple H no longer has the same power and his father-in-law is taking over. However, there is now a conflict as WrestleVotes reported the following: 

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