Court Bauer On The MLW-WWE Rumors – “You Can’t Do One-Sided”


During a recent interview with Forbes, MLW owner Court Bauer commented on the rumors that WWE and MLW have been in talks about working together, and more. Bauer said,

“A collaboration must have a long-term vision and a genuine commitment to enriching both parties. We’re having some interesting conversations with some interesting people, and if there is a two-way relationship that feels like it’s a win-win for the companies, the talent and the fans, and has a long-term sustainability to it, we’ll always examine it. You can’t do one-sided. I don’t kiss rings, I don’t need the validation.

We’re competing with two billionaires and still growing with deals like Vice TV and growing our footprint abroad with 20+ countries now airing MLW weekly. If, hypothetically, a company is motivated to pursue how it can disrupt a meaningful system or an opportunity where it enhances both parties’ businesses, yes you should evaluate the opportunity. It can’t just be that you get acknowledged by a billionaire, and then all of a sudden you say ‘okay, how can we serve you as a master?’ That’s not happening. If I do that, what’s the point of even being in business? It makes no sense. If both sides can get something out of it and it’s rewarding, and there’s a favorable strategy for both sides, that could be cool. Is it easy to get those type of things done? Absolutely not.”

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