Criminal Records Related To Death Of Indy Wrestler Matt Travis Sealed


Criminal records in the case involving the death of Matt Travis are sealed.

The records related to the untimely passing of the pro wrestling veteran who fell victim to a fatal hit-and-run automobile accident were sealed today, Thursday, September 30, 2021.

According to a report, New York City Criminal Court records indicate the criminal records related to Luc Vu, the man who pled guilty to reckless driving and failure to exercise due care, causing serious injury as well as failure to yield to a bicyclist in the incident, were sealed today.

Subsequently, Vu has completed compliance on all court orders related to the charges, and the order to seal was completed today after Vu made a final payment to the court. The driver’s license of Vu was revoked for six months and he was given a $250 fine for the charge of failing to yield to a bicyclist.

He was told that when pleading guilty to the charge that he would receive a conditional discharge after one year.

Vu struck Travis when he made an illegal U-turn in East Harlem, crossing a bicycle path that the independent wrestling veteran was traveling on.

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