Damian Priest Is Interested In Working A Match With Jeff Hardy, More


During a recent interview with Metro, WWE Superstar Damian Priest commented on wanting a match with Jeff Hardy, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On joking with Triple H about wanting a WrestleMania 37 match with him: “I make jokes from time to time. Like, hey, Mania – Hunter didn’t have a match, and that was the first time all these legends, none of them [on the show]. I was like, ‘I mean, did you bring your gear? Because you can have a match, I’m right here!’ He started laughing and said, ‘You’re on a list of people that have asked me that. ‘I was like, I bet, I can imagine – he gets it all the time by guys being like, ‘Hey you wanna work? You wanna wrestle?’”

On wanting to have a match with Jeff Hardy: “As far as other people, man, Jeff Hardy can call me any day he wants to get in the ring. I’ll be game for that, it’s Jeff Hardy. There’s a lot of legends that are still here and can still go, and I’m game for it. that’s just talking Raw, we’re not even talking about the SmackDown roster. As far as Raw goes, there’s a slew of guys, but of course, I want the top guys.”

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