Dana Brooke Seemingly Responds To Corey Graves’ Comments During RAW


WWE Superstar Dana Brooke has seemingly taken to her social media to respond to comments made by Corey Graves during the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW.

During the broadcast, Graves would make several comments at the expense of Brooke from the commentary desk. These comments included him saying, “I’m all for giving people time to develop, giving people time to realize their potential, but on a long enough timeline, you gotta’ cut your losses.” 

Graves would then continue, saying, “You can give me a chest full of tools, that doesn’t mean I can build you a house, OK? It’s a matter of putting things together, and Dana Brooke, in my opinion, hasn’t exactly done that.”

Following these comments, Dana Brooke posted a now-deleted response to her Instagram Stories:

“#FACTS. You CANNOT entertain everything regardless if its INDIRECT or DIRECT!! Let people do what they do best. TALK!! Y’all act like y’all gone die because somebody said something about you. IT IS NOT THAT DEEP!! You cannot stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. ONCE you entertain a clown, you BECOME ONE. YOU THE CLOWN. I’M THE QUEEN” and “I KEEP PUSHING THRO! WATCH ME WORK.”

You can view Dana Brooke’s response courtesy of the Daily WWE News Twitter account, as well as a video of Graves’ comments below:

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