Daniel Bryan Comments On Two-Night WrestleMania Events & More


WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan was interviewed by BT Sport where he spoke WWE holding two-night WrestleMania events and how that helped benefit the wrestlers by giving them the proper match time, etc.

On having a weird feeling during the show: “It was really bizarre, just really really bizarre. It’s been nine days now since it happened, and it’s taken me time to fully process what the experience was like because it wasn’t a normal thing. It was really weird. I felt very out of body in it. It was so weird. When I’m wrestling, I feel everything. I really enjoy it. I’m out there and having fun, and this was weird. It was out there. It was almost like I felt detached, and I was out there and it was so strange in fact. Before the match started, I got this really weird feeling. I was like, ‘Oh no, is this what it’s like right before you die? Am I going to die? Huh? Well, I mean, okay. If that happens, that happens,’ but it was just a really bizarre feeling. I don’t know why or how that happened, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt while wrestling before.”

On the benefit of a two-night Wrestlemania: “I think one of the things that really helped us is the two nights. Take away last year because that was in front of nobody, so it doesn’t count. WrestleMania 35 was really hard for that main event. They didn’t go into the ring till after midnight. I was so thankful. My match with Kofi [Kingston], which is one of my favorite matches I’ve ever had, is just two hours into the show, which is the perfect time for a match to start, but after four or five hours, people have seen so much. And then it’s starting to get cold, or you’re getting uncomfortable, or you’re getting hungry or whatever it is. I thought the two-day thing was very successful, and one of the things that I really like about it is it kept the showtimes a little bit shorter. You have to imagine in Tampa, there were thunderstorms, all this kind of crazy stuff and it kept the people interested over both nights. I think that that really helped us.”

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