Daniel Bryan Says Kenny Omega Looks At Wrestling Differently Than Anyone Else


Daniel Bryan gave praise to AEW and Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega while recalling one of their matches during an interview with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement.

“Kenny Omega then is not Kenny Omega now. If we did that now and we gave them the John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt bit, it wouldn’t fly. People wouldn’t be happy. At the time, he was lesser known. We were at a hotel and I don’t know if he floated the idea, but we just started riffing about this thing and I laughed about it. [He] was like, ‘No, what if we actually do it?’ ‘What are you saying to me?’ That’s one of the things that I have a lot of respect for Kenny Omega because it’s not just the great matches, it’s also that he looks at wrestling differently than anyone else. Say like the Young Bucks. You can see their take on wrestling. It’s a genius take off the wrestling they loved when they were younger and evolving from that. That’s why it resonates with so many people when they wrestle. Kenny, it doesn’t have previous evolution. It’s this completely new thing that enters his head that he’s daring to try. When I finally agreed to do it, I don’t remember anything else about the match. I don’t know if the rest of it was good. I wasn’t convinced it would work. We did it and the crowd went nuts for it,” Bryan recalled.

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