Davey Richards Explains Why He Turned Down WWE Offer


Davey Richards sat down with the All Real Wrestling Podcast to talk about a wide range of topics. 

During it, he spoke about The Wolves turning down a contract offer to work in WWE NXT to instead work for Impact Wrestling. 

“We had an offer from both WWE and TNA/Impact,” Richards recalled. “We went down to the WWE training facility in Orlando and they were very kind to us, they were very nice. I mean I didn’t have anything and Eddie’s very Boston and you just have to understand his family’s all from there. He was not digging moving to Florida to and I’m from Washington State; I can barely take St. Louis.

“So Florida’s like… ‘oh god I’m gonna die’ and just living down there, that would have been a little rough for us to commit to that at that point. I was also finishing up my paramedic school so I really wanted to work as a paramedic in addition to wrestling. And then TNA / Impact, they came along and they offered us a good deal. Their schedule was more conducive to both our desires at that time so that’s how the whole thing started.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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