DDP Explains Why He Won’t Get The Current COVID-19 Vaccine


During a recent interview on the It’s My House Podcast, DDP talked about why he will not get the COVID-19 vaccine, as long as it is in its current form.

Speaking on the podcast, DDP had this to say about his decision:

“When the numbers came down, and everyone’s like ‘oh let’s go out, they’re giving us a release.’ It’s like, they [the US Government] didn’t really do anything, they put out what a lot of people call the vaccine. A vaccine is something if you have measles, or if you have shingles, you take one or two shots, it’s done. That’s a vaccine. I consider this a COVID flu shot. And I’ve already had it [COVID], I don’t take regular flu shots, and I got COVID. But, I’m not going to take that ‘vaccine’, until I find out that it’s actually a vaccine I take it one time, and it was been tested on enough people. I’m one of those healthy guys that eats really clean, takes care of myself, and does a lot of things to hold back the sands of time and I’m not going to take something that my government or any other government says, is good for me, when they don’t know what we’re really what the f*ck they have there. So, that’s just my own opinion.”

“I think various people who need to take it, should take it. And eventually, I might have to take it, because they make it so they suppress you. So if I get to that, then maybe I will play that by ear”

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You can check out DDP’s full interview on the It’s My House podcast below:

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