DDP Has Massive Praise For AEW Wrestler Darby Allin


Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) has recently talked about Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin, and where the two differ.

Speaking on the It’s My House Podcast, DDP had this to say:

I love Darby. He’s a great kid, he’ll call me up if he’s coming into town. He’s a bigger risk taker than Jeff Hardy, and that says something. The difference between [the] two is one is straight edge and ones not. I think Jeff Hardy is just an unbelievable athlete. I just… I don’t know how he’s still being able to do the s*it he’s able to do. But, he’s still in his 40s. And you really don’t feel this s*it until you start getting in your 50s, and when you get in your 60s. That’s when you feel your shoulders, your knees, your back, your neck.”

Later on in the interview, DDP would go on to praise Darby Allin for his strong work ethic, as well as his abilities as a wrestler saying:

Darby is someone who puts the work in, and does everything he can to reverse the risk taking that he does. But, he doesn’t even need to do that s*it anymore. He could do a coffin drop here and there, he could do like one or two high spots a match. Because Darby really knows how to wrestle, Darby, knows how to sell. And the people love him! They love him, and getting the rub from the f*cking icon, Sting – You don’t get a better rub than that.” 

Many people in the industry have noticed the similarities between Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin, Hardy would comment on these comparisons back in March.

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You can check out DDP’s full interview on the It’s My House Podcast, below:

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