Details On COVID-19 Outbreak Involving NXT Roster, Timeline Of Events & More


As many of you know by now, there has been another COVID-19 outbreak happening with the WWE NXT roster. Due to this, several changes had to be made for this Wednesday’s episode. There were quite a number of positive tests over the past several days, with rumors indicating that Performance Center talents were performing ring crew duties without the use of face masks while they were resetting the rings in Orlando. Dave Meltzer said “It’s likely that last night’s Raw was not affected by this recent outbreak.”

Meltzer went on to say, “Certain things that were planned aren’t going to be there, but I don’t know what that would be.” The show had to be rewritten, as WWE has stayed quiet (for now) as to who exactly has the virus, as the main protocol for the company is to handle the situation and keep things as quiet as possible. AEW has a similar protocol, unless the coronavirus has affected a match that was previously announced for their shows.

One way of telling exactly which Superstar(s) were affected will be by seeing if those certain talents were expected to compete in either a match or a promo segment this week and end up not appearing on the show at all. A lot of people were very upset about the ring crews not wearing any protective masks, with that being the likely cause of this recent outbreak. The group who are in question were responsible for moving rings from the Performance Center to the building next door.

The talent who were affected supposedly were starting to feel sick as of last Friday, when normally the NXT roster gets tested up until a day before the next set of NXT tapings. As a result of people getting sick, however, WWE began testing everyone as early as possible on Friday or Saturday. The first batch of positive test results came back on Saturday, March 13th. Following this, on Sunday, there were a substantial number of positive test results.

Most of the WWE NXT roster who tested positive were not at the Performance Center. The roster is being cautious (and rightfully so) at this time, doing everything they can to prevent themselves from catching the virus from others. The reports of the COVID-19 outbreak came on the same day WWE postponed the tickets going on sale for April’s WrestleMania 37. The delay for WrestleMania 37 tickets going on sale is not related to the current outbreak.

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